Wisteria tree

If you really want to beautify your property, you need to get a Wisteria tree to serve as an eye candy. Although not a real tree, the Wisteria tree is called as such because a Chinese Wisteria vine has been grafted on a tree trunk, complete with a functioning root system. In essence, a Wisteria tree is indeed, a living, breathing, fully functioning “tree.” Aside from the beautiful flowers that would hand from the branches down to the ground, a Wisteria tree in bloom also adds a very sweet fragrance that you can’t miss. Not only does it beautify your property, it also adds a scent of beauty all over.

Planting your Wisteria tree

The process of producing a Wisteria tree is really complex, and you should leave this task to professionals. What you can do now is to decide on where you’re going to plant them to create a more dramatic look in your backyard or front lawn. Instead of putting several of these trees together, it is best to place them between taller perennials. This way, you are adding more color to the usually bland greenery. The flowers of the Wisteria tree looks really great, even from afar, so there’s really no problem when they’re place between bigger trees.

Picture of a Wisteria tree

Wisteria tree care

If you buy Wisteria tree for sale, you should know that these are live plants that you have to take care of, or else it won’t look as good as you expect. You need to prune the vine portion of this tree at least once a year so that it will still give you flowers. You should also make sure that it gets the necessary nutrients for it to grow healthy even when the growing conditions are not that favorable. You should know that a Wisteria tree would need a lot of nutrients especially when it flowers, so you should augment the soil with fertilizers.

Wisteria tree needs: sunlight

One of the things that your tree would need is at least six hours of sunshine every day. With this in mind, make sure that it is positioned in a spot that’s directly under the sun, even when interspersed with bigger trees. This means you can’t have them erected on areas that are shaded throughout the day. This tree is quite hardy, but they should be out of very hot, mid-day sun so that the leaves and the flowers won’t wither.

Picture of a beautiful Wisteria tree

Wisteria tree form maintenance

The primary reason why you’re getting a tree of this kind is its looks. This is why you should make sure that it looks that way throughout the year. Although there are some points in time that it won’t as attractive as they should be because they don’t have flowers, you should still maintain the Wisteria tree through pruning and raking of dead foliage.